You know what the perfect guitar needs: everything! All must be right. The looks, the feel, the sound. That’s how you get acquainted initially. Your senses cooperate, expecting every aspect to be up there. Only then, you and your guitar are in perfect sync. Only then glows the desire. Only then, you are willing to pay a price.

I try to fulfil that dream of the ultimate electric guitar, with heart and soul, and with more than fifty years of guitar experience. Aided by some of the finest luthiers, craftsmen, and technicians in The Netherlands and Germany we developed and created a new, yet amazingly familiar guitar. Yours? Check out my vision, shop and options.

Ordering can be direct or through retail. Please feel free to ask me for a quotation or advice. You also can subscribe to my newsletter (appearing from time to time).


Charles J. Janssen

founder and CEO of Schwung Guitars, and member of the European Guitar Builders. 


About Schwung

Schwung guitars combine the proven, traditional and authentic guitar characteristics with modern technology and innovations. Allow me to specify this. Schwung guitars:

  • are milled with CNC accuracy, on the basis of truly 3D cad/cam design,
  • out of very well dried tone woods (often recycled old wood).
  • the slightly a-symmetric C-shape medium neck feels comfortable, silky soft and smooth.
  • ergonomic compound radius fingerboard: arched with a more pronounced radius at the nut that flattens out slightly over the length of the board, ranging from 8’ (inch) at the nut to 13’ on the bridge.
  • available in 2 scales: 641 mm (= 25.25 inch, a little shorter than a Fender) and 652 mm (= 25.65 inch, just a little longer than a Fender)
  • 24 stainless steel frets, for better sound, more sustain and long lasting durability.
  • perfectly aligned frets using computer aided PLEK technology  (www.plekhaus.de),
  • allowing for lowest possible string action and superb playability.
  • precision compensated nut and bridge positions for optimal intonation (CNC accuracy !)
  • uncompromising ergonomics by strat-style body, balanced centre of gravity and ideal position of knobs, switches and tuners (more spacing) and jack input (on the front).
  • a GraphTech nut - made of hard material, without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone or other natural material - contributes to harmonically rich tone. It is also permanently lubricated which increases tuning stability for big string bends, aggressive playing or heavy tremolo use.
  • Sperzel Locking Tuners have more mass, which creates sustain, and feature variable post heights to improve the string angle on the nut. That is why there is no need for string trees. Also, the strings pass the nut straight ahead. This all contributes significantly to tuning stability and playing comfort.
  • 6 bridges are possible, all top brands (G&L, Gotoh, Kahler and Schaller). These bridges and tailpiece hardware are solid and well coupled to the body, transferring string energy, thus also contribute to creating tone. (Dan Erlwine: ‘coupling‘!).
  • high end, top-brand pickups, pots and capacitators.
  • 3 quick release strap lock buttons (Grover), 2 of which are at the bottom, preventing the guitar to fall over and get damaged (why didn’t anybody think of this before?)
  • an N-tune on-board tuner is optional.
  • many other custom options are available, just ask.
  • due to large stock and smart production the delivery time is reduced to 11 weeks.
  • elegant design and endless shape and colour combinations give every Schwung guitar a unique appearance, and thus a distinct identity.

On top of the clever design and innovative features, we put in a lot of time and care in the set-up and finish of the Schwung guitar, always resulting in optimal playability and great tone. Combining a refreshing look and state of the art components, they still reflect their rock and roll heritage, without copying the icons.

Schwung Guitars offers you 3 different models and a custom option. The Schwung KASTER is based on the Fender styles. The Schwung MAHOGANY is inspired by the Gibson solid bodies. And the Schwung CROSSOVER is based on the more versatile crossover style, like most PRS’s. A fourth CUSTOM model can be fully customized to your wishes. All guitars can be made with either one of the two scales, in any available  colour and pickguard shape, and in any desired pickup and hardware combination.

Schwung Guitars feature a lot more than the expensive custom shop guitars of the big brands, and can be yours for a fair price. Schwung guitar prices start around € 2400,- (tax not included) .  You can configure your dream guitar yourself, and order directly with me. Get in touch!

note: about guitar pricing, listen to vice-president of the European Guitar Builders Association, Juha Ruokangas on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HEh73Vp21k&feature=youtu.be


Latest posts

SCHWUNG was at the boutique guitar show of the EGB, within the Guitar Summit at Mannheim, 7-9 september 2018. This film is a brief overview. After 6.30' Charles is interviewed by EGB manager Tanja Spalt.


We had a great day @GuitarShow.be 2018. Especially when listening to talented players like Simon Borro and 'Turboblues'.


Vintage guitar expo Veenendaal

What a great day, the show on the 17th of March 2018! Lots of compliments recieved for my guitars, and for Bastian Steven and Niels Onstenk who impressively performed on stage, playing on several of the Schwung guitars. Thank you Bas and Niels.

Schwung guitars is planning:

  • Vintage Guitar Show Veenendaal 22 September 2018
  • UK Guitar Show, Olympia London, 29-30 September 2018
  • Festival de Guitare de Puteaux, Paris, 12-14 October 2018
  • SHG MusicShow Milano, 24 en 25 november 2018
  • Boutique Guitar Showcase winter NAMM, 24-27 January 2019
  • Gitaarbeurs Groesbeek 17 Februari 2019
  • NoorderGitaardag Groningen, 9 March 2019
  • Salon de la belle guitare (Guitarres au Beffroi) Paris, March 2019
  • Schorndorfer Gitarrentagen, 29/5-2/6 2019
  • Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin, May (?) 2020