Configure your Schwung

You can order your Schwung guitar directly from us. Ask for advice and a quotation and please consider the following choices.


Choose between long scale (25.65 inch, 652 mm), short scale (25.25 inch, 641 mm) or multi scale.


Pickups ( + = recommended):

Any brands are possible. For example: Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, EMG, Bare Knucke, Lollar, Gibson, Fender CS, Lindy Fralin, Tom Anderson, Van Zandt, Smitty, Roswell, Giovanni, Kloppmann, Haeussel, Amber, etc.


Choose one of these options, or ask for custom options:

  1. Gotoh tele bridge BS-TC2 with brass in-tune saddles
  2. Kahler fixed/tremolo 2300 CX
  3. Schaller STM fixed bridge
  4. Gotoh vintage tremolo 510TS-SF2 with steel block and saddles
  5. G&L fixed bridge
  6. Schaller 3D-6 tune-o-matic with stoptail
  7. Duesenberg tremolo

Pickguard designs

Part of the unique appearance of Schwung Guitars results from the pickguard design.

We offer seven different shapes: the Delta, the Shark, the Coolchrome, the Elegance, the Pythagoras, the Windflow, and the Split – each available in several colours.

The choice of pickguard shape and colour depends partly on the body finish, which needs to harmonize with the pickguard. Furthermore: knobs, hardware and PU covers also need to be in tune with body and pickguard. I will be happy to advise you.

The ‘S’ in the headstock is preferable taken from the same material as the pickguard, or has the same color as the body finish. First choose the shape from the 7 options, then choose the color.

Pickguard colors

From left to right: white pearl, ivory, cream, yellow (1 ply), mint green, cream pearl, gold/brown pearl, purple pearl, blue-yellow dessin, dark blue pearl, green pearl, tortoise, black (not shown on the photo).

Topwood options

  • No top (solid body entirely of Alder, Mahogany, or else)
  • Maple top, for fuller and slightly more complex tone
  • Flamed maple top, with transparent or burst finish
  • Quilted maple top, with transparent or burst finish

Body finish colors

Most colors can also be done in transparent, in case of a flamed or quilted top.
No paint finish is also an option, in which case the body can be ‘road worn’, dyed with any color and finished with a special oil.

  1. ivory white                  G3.03.87
  2. cream                           F2.16.84
  3. yellow                          F6.22.83
  4. caramel                        E4.29.62
  5. gold-brown                  E6.40.32
  6. dark red                       B2.36.17
  7. dark purple                 W8.28.34
  8.  light purple                W7.20.53
  9.  dark green                 K5.47.30
  10. olive green                 H7.26.62
  11. dark blue metallic      U7.39.20
  12. sonic blue                  S5.12.76


GraphTech (recommended), bone, brass

Pickup cover color

cream, white, chrome, gold, black/cream (zebra) or black



Hard Case or Gigbag

Hardcase (recommended), gigbag, or none.

Strings (gauge)

.09-.42, or .09-.46,

.10-.42, .10-.46, or .10,5-52

.11-.48, or .11-.50

or other

Please choose and request for a price quotation by filling out the order form.