Hi, to be able to build your custom dream electric guitar, everything must be right: the looks, the feel, the tone. And above all, playability, intonation, tuning stability at the right price of course.

As modern luthiers we combine craftmanshift with the latest state of the art production techniques available, such as: computer-aided design and manufacturing (cad/cam), machine-controlled wood carving (CNC), computer-controlled fret leveling (PLEK), waterjet cutting, and printing and laser technology.

These innovations are not used for mass production, but for accuracy and quality. It's purely the time and care we put into your Schwung guitar, that makes every Schwung a boutique guitar. Every Schwung is still handmade, in The Netherlands and partly in Germany, in small numbers only. And that also applies to our new custom Schwung Bass Guitar

It takes us around 12 weeks to make your custom dream guitar, from order to delivery. Check out my vision, the Schwung Custom Options, examples of Vintage Guitars In Stock, our Care & Repair Services and our new Electric Guitar Lessons.

Call me today on +31 (0)650653323 or email me at: charles@schwung-guitars.com 

Charles J. Janssen

Founder, designer, producer, player and owner of Schwung Guitars

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Amsterdam Guitar Heaven - Schwung Guitars - 3

Schwung Guitars At Amsterdam Guitar Heaven 25th Of November 2023

Meet Charles Janssen, CEO of Schwung Guiaters at the Amsterdm Guitar Summit 2023, Saturday the 25th of November 2023, at the Q-factory in Amsterdam. Call Charles on +31 (0)650653323 or email him at: charles.j.janssen@gmail.com.


New Schwung Bass-5 Guitar At Amsterdam Guitar Heaven 25th Of November 2023

Try out the new Schwung custom built Bass-5 guitar & of course all other custom built and vintage demo-guitars at The Amsterdam Guitar Heaven 2023 in Amsterdam, on Saturday the 25th of November. Call Charles +31 (0)650653323 or email  charles.j.janssen@gmail.com.


Guitar Summit 2023 - Manheim - Germany - Schwung Guitars - Def4

Schwung Guitars At Guitar Summit 2023 in Mannheim, Stand 238.

Meet Schwung Guitars CEO Charles Janssen at Guitar Summit 2023 in Mannheim from the 22-24 September on stand 238. Check out his custom built and vintage guitars in stand 238. Call Charles at: +31 (0)650653323 or email him at: charles.j.janssen@gmail.com.