Schwung Crossover ivory Shark

Actually, this Schwung is a Mahogany, but due to the unconventional maple fretboard, it’s been promoted to Crossover. The scale is 652 mm (25.65 inch) and the guitar is a dream to play. In the neck position you find a wonderful, throaty sounding Giovanny vintage PAF (Alnico-2) and in the bridge position a P-Rail item by Seymour Duncan, which in HB mode is, in this case, connected in series. In that mode, the P-Rail delivers a fantastic, fat sound with wonderful rich upper tones, especially with some gain. But P90 and SC modes also work great on this guitar. Thanks to the P-Rail with the 3-way mini toggle switch, this versatile instrument has seven different pickup settings. In real life, this guitar is even more impressive than in the pictures. The ivory white body and black components produce a phenomenal contrast. Comes with the stable Schaller bridge and handy N-tune. Price of this Schwung is € 2,945.00.