Schwung Mahogany cream Elegance

This Schwung Mahogany is one of my favourites because I play in two cover bands, and a sturdy, versatile guitar, such as this Schwung, is all I need for the whole repertoire. A true all-rounder. The Seymour Duncan Antiquity in the neck position produces that throaty, single coil sound: clear and warm at the same time. The P-Rail at the bridge position with the 3-toggle switch needs no introduction. It’s one of the very best, modern pick-ups on the market. Together, the pick-ups deliver a quack-sounding ‘twang’, as if there’s a flanger in the loop. A bit thinner, maybe, but very usable. A versatile, thoroughbred Schwung, with Kahler bridge and N-tune, and totally my taste. Priced at € 3,285.00.