Schwung semi holow, fixed bridge Crossover

Don't be misled by the appearance. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

A semi hollow body (mahogany/ maple/ walnut top), maple neck, rosewood fretboard, make it a genuine Crossover. The compound radius, the Sperzels, the GraphTech nut,  make it a genuine Schwung. It plays really comfortable. The Dimarzio AirZone bridge pickup can be switched with push-pull from series to parallel. Together with the Rosswel P90 neck pickup (in HB size), it gives you the sound palet you would need in an all-round coverband: from mellow jazz, to screaming blues, to fat, juicy, modern high gain overdrive. All this without effects or even switch your amp channel. And what about the beautifull, well intonated Dorian bridge, a juwel by master builder and EGB collegue Sophie Dockx (Dorian Guitars).

€ 3880