Schwung semi hollow Mahogany

This very special Schwung Mahogany has it all. The guitar is equipped with a set of Alnico-2 PAF-style HB from Roswell, that can be split with the push-pull on the tone pot, which provides you with a sparkling clear, almost strat-like sound. The body is chambered, therefore light weight. The slightly a-symmetric C-shape neck has 24 stainless steel fanned frets, in a subtle multi scale. And you won't even notice the fanned frets. And it is in compound radius, as always. This neck is medium chunky and feels very comfortable. The guitar plays almost by itself 😀.

As you can see, the tremolo is a Duesenberg. I love these myself.

But that's not all: there are two high end effects on board: a fuzz and a tube screamer. Two mini toggles next to the V-pot. In combination with the push-pull, this provides you with any sound you'd wish for. Check out the demo videos.

€ 3900